Today was a Good Day

Bear with us, this blog is a little out of date. We’re in the Gili Islands now but if you cast your mind back to last week when we we’re in the Philippines then this is an account of a cool day we spent in Palawan;

After a couple of days with Jack sick and out of action, we were excited to be up and about today to explore what El Nido has to offer. We’re staying on the quieter beach of Corong-Corong, it’s a lovely little bay with a few guesthouses and it’s just a 15-20 minute walk from the hustle and bustle of El Nido town.

Here’s the view from our guest house:


We had heard that if you continued to follow the coast in the direction away from El Nido you would reach some even more beautiful beaches so we decided to have a bit of an explore. After a 20 minute walk we had to cross over some tricky rocks to reach the next bay. On our way we found a group of Philippino guys enjoying some fresh coconut water with local rum, it was Sunday after all and they start early here! They offered us a glass which was very kind but 10:30AM was a bit too early for me! They didn’t take offence though, and posed for a quick photo.

Rum O’clock:


Once we got to the beach we realised that THIS was the paradise we had heard about. Powdery white sand, a fringe of palm trees and no resorts to be seen.

The beach:


We found a nice spot to set up our sarongs and ran straight into the water. Unlike Corong-Corong the sea here was deeper and you were able to swim properly. After enjoying the sun and sea for a while we continued along the beach towards the tip and found the Las Cabanas beach resort, the only accommodation available here. We went inside out of curiosity and had a drink. It was LOVELY. Beautiful bungalows, amazing gardens and friendly staff. If we could afford it, we would be there, but unfortunately it is a little out of our price range!

We had a chat to the resident parrot:


Then we went on our way:


We were getting a little peckish by now and we had spotted a lady who had set up a little stall with a BBQ on the beach. It turned out she had freshly caught tuna on offer for just 150 pesos with rice and veggies – this is about £2.40 – what a bargain! We ordered one each which she later delivered to us as we sat under the shade of a palm tree. It was delicious.

Tuna on the BBQ:


Tasty lunch:


We Love El Nido too!


After this we spotted a pretty menacing looking black cloud and soon enough it started to tip it down. As we’re now in the rainy season each afternoon brings some heavy showers mixed in with the sunshine. We decided to walk home for the afternoon and get some shelter. We have one more day in El Nido and we plan to explore a bit by kayak and bike before we leave for Puerto Princesa and ultimately, Jakarta.



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