The Arrival of the Balms

So yesterday our good friends Matt and Gemma Balm arrived at the end of their belated honeymoon travels. They’d been up to Chang Mai, over to Koh Lanta and a few other places and now have 2 nights with us before they head back to Bangkok where Gemma is determined to seek out the seediest services that Thailand’s capital has to offer. She mentioned something about Ping Pong but I’m not sure they’re big on table tennis.


The day started with a few innocent Changs by the pool before we headed back to the rooms to get ready for dinner. A short walk up the road and we stopped for a pre-dinner cocktail at an amazing place called Sea Garden with a great view for the sunset. Like many places, they didn’t really judge the ambience with the music so whilst we chilled out serenely gazing at the horizon we were treated to a thumping mix of happy hardcore 90s dance music.

We then went for dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Pad Thai wrapped in an omelette, lovely. Few more drinks and a couple of games of pool, of which Matt was the eventual champion. Whilst in this bar (Pirates bar on Haad Son) we spied some of the staff frying up some fish. Upon seeing us they quickly produced a plate and offered us a couple which we devoured. Just a nice example of Thai hospitality. Gemma lost her flip flop in the dark on the beach but used the flash on her camera to locate it with the following picture…


Debs’ back is getting better every day but this was enough for tonight so as she headed back to the room Matt, Gemma and myself headed back on to the beach for some night caps. The funniest memory of the night was watching Gemma sprint towards the toilet after managing half a shot of tequila. We messed about dancing with strangers and generally having a laugh before retiring back to the hotel in the early hours of the morning. Here is Matt throwing shapes we didn’t know existed…


At some point Gemma woke up on a sun bed with the realisation that she must have been trying to find the loo but stopped for a little nap. Don’t get me wrong, all our rooms are en-suite, but we’ll never know why she decided to venture outside. Here is me showing off after the Tequila…


This morning there were a few weary heads but nothing that a nice breakfast and a dip in the pool couldn’t fix. Time for a nap now but more later on adventures with the Balms.


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