Smashing the holiday pot

Once upon a time (Christmas time actually) many years ago, we were given a tamarind saving pot with ‘Holiday’ written on the front.

Despite going on several holidays between then and now, we have never been able to bring ourselves to smash it. I’ve grown very fond of seeing it on shelf in our bedroom, it reminds me that holidays are to come, and that we’re saving for something fun.

Anyway, with our biggest trip ever coming up, and with every penny counting we decided it was finally time to smash it.

Jack raided his DIY bag (a patent French Connection bag I was once given for Christmas, he’s a metrosexual alright?!) for a hammer and we got to work smashing it up.

Hammer time

Hours of counting and bagging up coins, a 45-minute queue in the bank and a very frustrated bank teller later I managed to pay in £260. Good work!

Debbie x

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