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So the last day or so has been eventful in a variety of ways, some good, some not so good. On Sunday night I somehow managed to slip a disc in my back, I had some pain in the days before and felt it just ‘go’ after I had a shower that night. Ouch. I had to lie straight down on the bed and basically didn’t move for the whole night and the entire next day. When I did attempt to stand up I saw spots, felt faint and had to get right back down again due to the pain. It was really quite scary and Jack and I were fearing the worst for our trip.

Jack has been a total hero, basically waiting on me hand and foot. We got some medication from the pharmacy, which has helped, and we also found an acupuncturist on the island who could make a visit to our beach hut to treat me and booked an appointment for yesterday morning.

On Monday night I managed to get up and go for dinner but didn’t last too long. To my relief I was markedly better yesterday morning and was up and walking around before the acupuncturist (Tracy) arrived. Tracy is originally from Hawaii and has lived on the island for 10 years with her husband and daughter. She seems well qualified and is really reassuring and lovely. She inserted 12 needles into me, some around my back and some in my calves and ankle. For the most part I didn’t really feel a thing, however, there was one needle in the left ankle (the side of my back that is most painful) that did really pinch going in and out and continued to tick back and forth throughout the treatment, apparently this point is deeply related to back pain and this was a good thing (?!). After the needles were inserted she lit a moxa (looks like a giant cigar spliff) which she circled around the needles to warm them up and stimulate the energy pathways. She then did some pressure point massage on my thighs. The whole thing lasted around 45 minutes and was definitely an experience.


I can’t say I magically felt 100% better, but I will say I am miles better than my worst day and I have managed a fairly normal beach day which is great. I think sometimes I don’t listen to my back and rest when I should, I’m always too keen to get running again or doing pilates when I should probably be taking gentle walks and swimming. After this experience I will definitely listen! We’ve decided to stay on the island for another week or so, just relaxing until I feel ready to travel again as 14 hour train journeys are NOT good for bad backs. We might even treat ourselves to an internal flight to northern Thailand.

Excitingly we’ve just moved huts to a beach about 10 mins away to see our friend’s Matt & Gemma. The new resort is lovely and has a pool and comfy sun beds so we will chill out there and I’m sure it will all keep improving. I’m also having another acupuncture session this morning. Mum & Dad – DON’T worry, I’m fine and the acupuncturist used new sealed needles (I know you’d worry about that!).

New Resort… Sunset Cove, Koh Phangan;


Love to all, we’ll back back online soon with cheerier updates I am sure!

Debbie x


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  1. Ah sorry to hear about your back lovely. I’d definitely get a flight to northern thailand – your back’s more important than the pennies šŸ™‚ xxx

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