Our bathroom nature reserve

That’s what happens when you have a bathroom partially open to the elements… it’s animal planet recreated whilst you’re trying to brush your teeth.

The first spectacle was a giant moth being stalked and eventually gobbled up by a big gecko, we watched as the gecko circled the moth before getting into a good position and pouncing. It was actually quite sad but I’m too much of a wuss to go anywhere near either animal! After defeating the poor moth the gecko was obviously feeling like the big man because we then went on to witness him showing a lady gecko a very good time!


After this a baby gecko decided to move in, and he literally wouldn’t leave. He was a pale cream colour and totally blended in with the floor so we had to keep a lookout to make sure we didn’t stand on him. We named him Indy and it was almost like having a pet for a few days.


On our last day we discovered a giant spider on our balcony spinning a huge web. It was brightly coloured on its body and had long spindly legs, it was bigger than an iPhone but thankfully it moved quite slowly which reassured me that if it came towards me I could leg it!


After a huge downpour of rain yesterday we got a taxi to Had Salad beach where we’re spending the next few days, hopefully this time we won’t have to share the bathroom with anybody but each other!


Debbie xx


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