Welcome to Koh Phangan mofo

So we finally arrived yesterday on Koh Phangan after a lot of travelling. We jumped in a mini-van taxi from the rail station to the port and endured an hour of Limp Bizkit screaming ‘F**K you Mother F*c!$rs’, the driver’s choice of music. Considering the other passengers included a 60 year old woman and some hippie types this had Jack and I in fits of giggles.

Then we got the ferry across from Don Sak along with some amusing ravers who were obviously still off their heads from the night before, one girl was staring at her reflection in the boat window pretending to throw punches at herself before going on to do a number of body building poses.

When we arrived we headed straight for Haad Yao beach on the north west coast, we’ve been here before and we know it’s a beautiful place far from the craziness of Haad Rin, home of the full moon parties. Places were pretty busy so we checked into a resort we have stayed at before, Ibiza bungalows. It’s so laid back here it’s ridiculous, the owners and staff spend their days stretched out in front of the TV and you can take whatever you want from the fridge as long as you write it down on a slip of paper with your room number, you then pay when you checkout. It’s definitely not brilliant for customer service but you get a bargainous bungalow on a beautiful beach and you can help yourself to beer from the fridge – we like! Here is the view from our veranda;


We were pretty tired yesterday so we just spent time on the beach, went for dinner and had an early night. I had barbecued red snapper which I love, although it was definitely over budget – oops. New mantra: We are backpackers, we are NOT on holiday – eventually it’ll sink in!

This morning I awoke to Jack playing Phil Collins’ classic ‘Another Day in Paradise’ before we chilled on the beach and went for a long walk along the coastal roads to see where our friends Matt and Gemma will be staying in a few days. We’re actually quite far away so we’re re-locating in a couple of days to be closer. Until then, we’re staying put here and chilling out. We also passed the Thai version of a petrol station…


Jack just ran off to take a photo of the sunset – here’s what the fuss was all about…

Speak soon, much love,



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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Koh Phangan mofo”

  1. what a sunset, just driven home from Katys in the thickest fog I have ever seen, no visibility at all. Aren’t I lucky

  2. Wow the content is coming in thick and fast – love it! Missing you tons Jack, the place isn’t the same without you. Looks like you and Debbie are having the best time. Looking forward to the next instalments from you guys. x

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