Welcome to Bangkok

So we’ve arrived! After a fairly gruelling 18 hours travelling including a 2 hour stopover in the area of the desert they call Oman, we’ve finally arrived at our first destination, Bangkok.


Seeing as we arrived at around 7pm local time this is the only accommodation we’ve booked on our trip and we’ve gone for a favourite of ours last time we were here, Buddy Lodge. Situated right in the heart of the backpacker district we know this is somewhere we can grab a beer and a pad Thai within minutes of our doorstep.

Stupidly we turned up with no battery in either of our cameras so I’ve pulled an image off Google of Khao San Road. Having just been there I can vouch that this is an accurate depiction


So we’ve just got back to the hotel room after some Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and a few large Chang beers. Debs also had a Singapore Sling because she says it tastes like a sour sweet and very different to a ‘normal’ version you’d get in the UK. Either way this reminded me of my mum telling tales of having a Singapore Sling in Raffle’s Bar (in Singapore). It just so happens we’re in Singapore come April so we’ve decided this is a must for the to do list.

Our room is fairly basic but nice, clean and in the thick of it. At £25 per night you can’t really argue. It does come with a 4 poster bed and a roof top bar. Here is my current view…


Right, the travelling has finally taken it out of us and we’re now settling down to a nice kip. Tomorrow sees us spend the day exploring Bangkok before heading to the station to catch an overnight sleeper train to islands in the South. We’ll update you once we’ve settled into out new place (assuming they’ve got wifi).

Catch you later!


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