The Similan islands

Yesterday we went on a brilliant trip to the Similan islands, a group of 11 islands just off the Andaman coast, which are all part of a protected national park to preserve the wildlife and marine life. They are home to lots of sea turtles, clown fish (Nemos), sea snakes, fruit bats and giant crabs.

We booked the trip with Love Andaman and it was brilliantly organised. The speedboat was super slick and they even handed around sea sickness pills before we left, I took one as I have a tendency to chunder but I was totally fine all day. Some poor Japanese kids next to us, however, weren’t so fortunate. The same poor Japanese kid also got left behind in the sea by his mum, he was found bobbing about in the middle of nowhere without even a snorkel, she described him to the boat driver as ‘really small and really fat’, we found him soon after. Bless him!

Our boat for the day:


When we first stopped for some snorkelling we could see what all the fuss was about, the water was crystal clear and straight away we spotted a turtle.


The fish were pretty friendly and didn’t mind getting quite close.


I love these!


I also saw a lesser spotted Lemon-fish.


We then stopped off at some of the islands. We had fun spotting the fruit bats which were just hanging around in the trees, if you look closely you’ll see them in this photo:


In the afternoon we hiked up to Sail Rock, a pretty treacherous walk in places! Here is the view of Sail Rock from the beach:


Crossing the bridge:


A bit of clamouring:


We made it!


All in all it was a great day. Here’s a photo of Jack back on the boat before we left.


Today we’re meeting up with Jen and Matt which is very exciting! We fly to Chiang Mai tomorrow too. Loads of love to all


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  1. I have only one comment to make, sitting here freezing, Jack you are looking pretty slim and those shorts look great !!!!

  2. Hey guys- wow these pictures are amazing & the day sounds like such an experience – well as does the whole trip! Cant believe the turtle – great pic! & glad the fat Japanese kid was found!! Thanks for sharing, aside from the pangs of jealousy, is definitely brightening up these cold dark days! Xxxxx

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