The Adventure Continues

It’s been over a year since our last post now and since then our lives have changed forever with the birth of our baby boy Max:

Max Lemon
Chillin in my high chair

However we’ve not lost our desire for adventure and are determined to instil the traveller mindset in Max and any future children we might have. The world is just too much of an amazing place to not try and experience the most of it in one lifetime.
So we decided to collate a list of things we really want to do in our lifetimes. Some of these will be once we’ve retired (hopefully within 20 years) whilst others will be things we can do with the kids.

Comment if you’ve got any more suggestions!

  1. Fly in a Seaplane
  2. Trek to machu pichu
  3. Summit Mount Kilimanjaro
  4. Drive a camper van around Europe
  5. Go Dog sledding
  6. See the northern lights
  7. Stay at a vineyard in the Marlborough region, New Zealand
  8. Sail around Croatia
  9. Go to Rio carnival


  1. Stand on the Edge of the Grand Canyon
  2. Go to Munich Beer Festival
  3. Walk El Camino across Europe – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2159915/Walk-lifetime-Why-epic-Camino-trail-Spain-route-true-happiness.html

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5 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues”

  1. Loved your previous adventure. Two suggestions for your bucket list.
    Stand on the edge of the grand canyon. To look across, one mile, then down one mile, must be awesome. It’s on my bucket list, but I don’t want to do it on my own so I need to find an adventurous soul soon.
    Munich beer fest. I’ve done smaller fests in Germany and the atmosphere was great. Munich, the greatest in the world, has to be tried. Probably similar in atmosphere to Rio Carnival, (which is 2nd best to Ruardean Carnival).
    Good luck wherever you go; keep the blogs going, it’s almost as good as being there with you.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and suggestions. They have been added! We’ve been to Bryce Canyon which was amazing but not yet been to Grand. Helicopter ride over would be awesome I reckon!

  2. Hi Jack and Debbie great to hear your news and see your beautiful son.It is Mike and Lesley your Welsh friends from Hoi an.Thanks for the photos you sent us.We are also still trying to visit new places .i will keep in touch with you both and we have a lot of suggestions to add to your list take care ..we will add more soon mike and les……

    1. Hi Mike & Les, great to hear from you. I still owe you a few beers from that night in Hoi An! Great to hear you’re still trying new places. Let us know where we should be going next! We’ve booked a trip to Thailand in January when Max will be 9 months old. It’s a bit ambitious but we’re hoping it will be ok! Hope you’re both well. Jack

      1. Hi Jack and Debs just got back from Lagos in Portugal to catch the last of the sun for this year.Great to see you will be off again to Thailand in January.We are also going in March next year to Khao Lak for a couple of weeks.you cannot beat Thailand can you.hope everything is well especilly the little one..Take care post more soon Mike and Lesley…….

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