Midnight (or 2AM) on the Bangkok Express

I’m writing this at 2.30AM from my bed on the sleeper train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. We’ve only been in Thailand for just over 24 hours but it already feels like a lot has happened.

We started the day with a swim in the rooftop pool at our hotel. I’ve mentioned this to make you jealous, however, I should also add that it was very rushed due to me sleeping for far too long (travelling is tiring!) before frantically trying to pack up and leave the hotel room in time for checkout. Anyway, we started the day with a swim in the rooftop pool…


We then went for a yummy breakfast, Jack had chicken with fried noodles in broth, the obvious choice, I opted for eggs on toast and a watermelon shake. Boring, I know. After this we dumped our backpacks at the railway station for the day and headed for Thong Lo to sample some street food and have a wander. The tube system and sky train were pretty cool to try out too. We had a look around an area of Bangkok that we’d never been to before and Jack sampled some pretty tasty fried chicken and rice at a street food stand, not bad for 80p!


We were back at the railway station for 6PM where for some reason they played the national anthem as the clock stuck 6 and everybody in the building stood up. Not sure if this happens every hour, or just at 6PM, or just at 6PM on Thursdays – anyway, it was an experience!


So, now the train. We’re in second class in an air con sleeper carriage. I’ve got the bottom bunk and jack’s up top. We actually stayed up a lot later than our fellow passengers as it turns out that if you buy a beer from the official train seller they give you a table and you stay up until you finish spending. However, if you don’t, bedtime is enforced almost immediately by the surly bed maker. A few large Singha’s later (no Chang available) we were ready to sleep. Or not as this blog post suggests. I never have been a good sleeper on transport, I always get really mesmerised staring out of the window at all that’s going on outside, especially at night. Other countries always seem so much more luminous and nocturnal than England. Anyway, I’ll leave you now to continue staring and, fingers crossed, get a bit of sleep.

Next stop, the islands!

Debbie xx


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3 thoughts on “Midnight (or 2AM) on the Bangkok Express”

  1. OK |I think I am turning into the Hulk or perhaps better the Jolly Green giant with envy already and you have only just started. Great to hear from you this am, I just love this skype lark. The beach looked fabulous and quite quiet which I love. I want to go there. Of to Katys for roast dinner, can you please be just a little jealous.
    Lots of love

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