Love those Tiger Feet…

This is a bit out-dated but about a week ago we decided to visit Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. We’d heard various reviews of the place with the main complaint from tourists being that the Tigers were mistreated and drugged up to the eyeballs. We asked Dave at our guesthouse and whilst he was firmly against sending people to the Monkey Show, which was apparently cruel, Tiger Kingdom was ok. It apparently has a very successful breeding program, something which is indicative of how Tigers are being treated. Tigers only make mini tigers if they’re happy!

The other question about whether the Tigers were drugged or not was met with the question ‘do you think I drug my dogs’. I looked over at Fat Dog and Mutley sprawled out on the sofas. Obviously the guy isn’t drugging his dogs. It’s just bloody boiling and they have a huge coat to wear all year round! Here is a pic of Dave and the aforementioned Fat Dog…


So after careful consideration we boarded our Tuk Tuk and headed to the Kingdom of Tigers


Debs decided she was happy watching from the viewing deck whilst I got in the cage to get close and cosy with the big cats. It was an odd experience in many ways. Whilst I was fairly nervous before I went in you soon realise they’re very docile and calm. In the more active moments you witness you realise they are exactly like their domestic cat cousins and will happily swipe at a piece of string. Still, you never escape that feeling that at any time any of the 5 Tigers I was in with could decided to kill and eat you all!




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