‘He-She’ or not ‘He-She’ – a belated blog!

Firstly apologies that it’s taken me a week to write this… but to be honest I blame Debbie and Jack for turning up at our hotel in Khao Lak looking way too gorgeous and brown – which meant I spent my last week of our Honeymoon doing nothing but slowly baking myself by the pool, so apologies again that I was basically too lazy to write this before!
We had such a fantastic day with you guys in Khao Lak. Loved just chilling out by the pool, drinking Chang and catching up on all your adventures so far. After lunch at one of the restaurants on the beach, we headed to our private pool (well, we were on Honeymoon!) where Debbie and I spent a ridiculously long time trying to get the best picture of both of us holding our breath underwater using the very exciting underwater camera! Two grown ladies probably shouldn’t have found that quite as amusing as we did!
We finally dried off and went in to Khao Lak town centre (hotel was 10 mins away), where after a few more drinks, had one of the best meals of our holiday – good skills by the Lemons for finding the restaurant. Was such a fun night, made even more amusing by the discovery of a live music bar which featured Thailand’s answer to Justin Bieber, who looked about 14 and whose signature dance move consisted of a lot of hip thrusts. The rumour was that he was the son of the owner, but we thought we’d check our facts with one of the waitresses. Turns out that ‘he’ was a ‘she’, which meant that for the remainder of the night we were staring in disbelief at this poor ‘person’ trying to work out their sex… I still don’t think a girl should ever thrust that much with their hips!
Anyway, thanks for a fab night (Matt was very hungover the next day, so it shows it was good!)
Love you both lots and can’t wait for your next blog.
Jen and Matt xx





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