Christmas time – baubles, boxes and wine

I’ve always loved Christmas. Lots of food and drink with friends, decorating the house, over indulging with family and, of course, PRESENTS – what’s not to like?!

This year is a bit different as on the 2nd January we’re heading off on a 6-month trip around Southeast Asia. Sunshine beckons and so does the impending rental of our flat, we need to get sorted and quick smart!

So as we decorate the tree, we’re simultaneously packing everything into boxes and throwing away loads of absolute rubbish that we have been hoarding over the years. I say we, but I mean me really, 60 back copies of Women’s Fitness Magazine anybody?

Anyway, we weren’t about to let the joys of packing up impact on our levels of festivity. We’ve already watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and Love Actually which, as usual, resulted in floods of tears – just from me. Jack has a heart of stone 😉

Here is a picture of our beaut of a tree!


Merry Christmas!

Debbie x


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