Our Journey

We fly out from Heathrow on 2nd January 2013 to Bangkok. From here, we’re catching the train to Surat Thani where we will get the boat over to Koh Phangan and meet up with some friends. We’re going to island hop for a bit before heading north on the train to Chiang Mai. After that we’re getting the boat over to Laos – and from then onwards we’re not really sure where we’ll be and when! We have to cover Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam by mid-April when we fly home briefly.

At the end of April we then fly out to Nepal where we’re trekking to Everest Base camp (I’m ridiculously excited about this bit!). From here we’re flying to the Philippines and working our way back round to Bangkok via Indonesia. We finally fly home on the 2nd July 2013 back into Heathrow.