A shark’s tale

I’m currently sat in a bar as Jack watches the Arsenal match and cries into his Chang, so I thought I’d upload a few photos from today as it’s been particularly picturesque.

We walked all the way from our beach (Sairee) to Shark Bay in the south of Koh Tao this morning, it was a pretty hilly walk which added to the challenge but also provided some amazing views of the island.


Once we arrived we dived straight in to the sea and swam out a couple of hundred metres to try to spot some black tip sharks, they’re well known in the area (hence the name of the bay) and we were determined to see some. After around 20 minutes I spotted one that was over a metre long, I was so excited I immediately came up for air to scream at Jack “Shark shark!” like a bad extra from Jaws. Luckily he saw it and we tried to keep up with it for a while but they’re pretty speedy and we lost him (he was too fast for us to get a photo I’m afraid). After that we came across a sea turtle which was a beautiful surprise, we followed it for a while, they’re really slow and gentle and amazing to watch – this time we DID get a photo.


We also came across hundreds of fish which were really happy to just swim around us, it was like being in a huge tropical fish tank. I also had the realisation that I liken every fish I see to a character from Finding Nemo, I really must get a more formal education on the real names of tropical fish…


After this we walked back to our beach and had a nice cold Chang.


Oh, and there was a cracking sunset. All in all, a great day!


We head to Khao Lak tomorrow on the 6am boat so it’s an early night for us.

Love to all, Debbie xx


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  1. I am so pleased you are having such a lovely time. Spare a thought for us poor mortals with 2 feet of snow outside the door and still falling. Cold and not very nice.

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